Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions Strategy

Date : 2014-09-05 09:00:24

Women already play a significant role in South Australian agribusiness. There is enormous potential for us to benefit even more from female industry participation and leadership in the sector

PIRSA, in partnership with women in industry and the community have developed the Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions Strategy to exploit these opportunities.

Outcomes of the Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions Strategy

Women occupy an increasing number of diverse roles in agribusiness

Agribusiness is recognised as an innovative, contemporary and exciting sector contributing significantly to the South Australian and national economies.

The activity area aims to raise the profile of agribusiness and demonstrate the diversity of roles it offers in urban and regional areas and the important contributions being made by women. We want to encourage other women to join the sector by highlighting rewarding career pathways and opportunities for development.

Women are skilled, capable and confident influencers and decision-makers in the agribusiness sector

This outcome sees a critical mass of capable and motivated women contributing to – and helping to build – the agribusiness sector. We recognise that women currently in agribusiness are at different stages of their career and are seeking access to different opportunities and experiences.

The barriers that currently hinder women in agribusiness are understood and addressed

Boards, businesses, projects and programs across the agribusiness sector can benefit from the skills and perspectives women bring. Current gender imbalances, particularly in leadership roles, must be identified and understood before barriers to increased participation by women can be broken down.

South Australia's Strategic Plan

The Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions Strategy contributes to South Australia’s Strategic Plan including:

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