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September 2009 Support Payment Recipients

Lynda Demaagd  

With an emphasis on consistent quality, heritage varieties, and organic sustainable practices, Ruby spoon jams  and preserves are the creation of Lynda Demaagd.  A variety of fruits are processed into jams, chutney, etc with  berries grown on the family property in the Adelaide Hills.  

Lynda will use her funding to complete Cert IV Small Business Management which she anticipates will provide information,  skills and experience to support and grow her business. 



Tiffany Golding  

Tiffanys funding will allow her to complete a Diploma in Food Industry Quality Assurance.  The training includes Principles  and Applications of HACCP, Internal Food Safety Auditor, Food Safety QA Management and Food Safety QA Management  Advanced.  

She has worked in numerous different food industry sectors and is looking to complete the courses so she  can have a successful career with many opportunities.


Michelle McColl  

With a background in Agricultural Science and love of growing fruit, Michelle and her husband have established a  vertically integrated business Kalangadoo Organic focussed on supplying the local community with the tastiest,  most nutricious organic produce possible with the primary focus on apples and apple juice. 

The funding provided to Michelle will be used to obtain training and advice in the areas of apple juice, cider and cider  vinegar with the emphasis on small scale premium production.



Brooke Peevor 

After a  European holiday where she was inspired by the delicacies created by Pierre Hermes, Brooke has a desire to  learn the art of macaroons and has realised that it takes refined skills, knowledge and talent to create a product this  special.  

A passionate pastry chef, Brooke would also like to learn how to make chocolates and pralines as well as become more  innovative with her gateaux skills.  Her funding will allow her to complete these courses and improve her knowledge  and hands on skills.  


Bronwyn Smith Bronwyn Smith

At the recent Kangaroo Island Food & Wine Experience Awards, the Kangaroo Island Lavender Farm run by Bronwyn and her partner  Jon were the winners of the Ultimate food or wine experience award.  

Bronwyn makes lavender fudge and scones for sale and is interested in making chocolates with native produce.  Funding will be used to  complete a course in chocolate making and to purchase the equipment and tools necessary to make these chocolates.  Next time you  are on KI stop in and say hello to Bronwyn and Jon at the Kangaroo Island Lavender Farm.


Karin Synnett  

Karin has been working in Quality Assurance Management and Internal Auditing for numerous years. 

Her funding will allow her to complete a Lead Food Safety Auditor course.


Michelle Tansell  

Michelle is passionate about the art of chocolate in cake decorating and works within an industry that she loves.  

She would like to be in a position to pass on her skills in a teaching role.  

Funded Savour courses include Croquembouche and French gateaux.

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