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July 2017 Support Payment Recipients

Mandy Davis

Mandy DavisWith a passion for making fruit and herbal teas specific to SA, Mandy produces small batch seasonal products and now has 30 blends on the Dandy Tea Co menu.  Mandy will undertake the Business SA Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES) to provide her with the additional skills she needs in order to make this a sustainable long term business. You will find Mandy at specialised markets around SA and at the Willunga Farmers market every Saturday.  Go and have a taste test – you won’t be disappointed.

Shannon Lim

Shannon Lim Chesterfield Whisky Firm is based in the Adelaide Hills and offers a range of Whisky based products in addition to manufacturing their own whisky cocktails.  Shannon will undertake the IBD General Certificate in Distilling in Tasmania where he can also take the opportunity to ask all the necessary questions and troubleshoot issues.  The manufacture of flavoured liqueurs is next on their list.


Stephen Lomman

Stephen Lomman Having recently acquired his “dream come true” job, Stephen is Assistant Distiller at 23rd Street Distillery in Renmark. He has previously completed the IBD General Certificate in Distilling and with our assistance will undertake the IBD Diploma in Distilling which he sees as been an invaluable component in his development as a distiller. The distilling industry in Australia has a bright future and we look forward to sharing Stephens part in the industry as it grows towards that future.


Luke Moody

Luke Moody Luke is a young trade qualified Butcher who preferred the career stability the industry offers rather than the potential offerings of University.  He has created a group called Apprentice Butchers of SA where members can network, learn and develop together outside of their workplace and RTOs.  He is keen to ensure that they can create long standing connections and identify with their peers to ensure the long term success of the apprentices and the industry as a whole.  Luke will undertake the Business SA Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES) to help him plan for the long term of this fabulous initiative which is his way of giving back to the industry.  Well done Luke.


Adam Paul

Adam Paul As a graphic designer Adam has decided it is time for a change to a better way of life. He would like to use the transferable skills, knowledge and creativity he has amassed over the years and adapt them to the beverage industry. He has a thirst for knowledge and ideas and will use his funding to undertake the Cert III Micro Brewing course at TAFESA Regency.  With Adams creative ideas we are sure there will be some imaginative brews being created in the future.

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