Vicki Matchett

Matchett Productions & Big Sissy Foods

Matchett Productions and Big Sissy Foods is a micro–South Australian business that is owned and operated by Vicki Matchett.  It is located on the beautiful Southern Fleurieu Peninsula where Vicki grows and creates high quality, exclusive artisan food products.  The Award-Winning products are predominantly gluten free, dairy and egg free, as well as vegan friendly.  The Matchett’s range includes chilli chutneys, salad dressings, sauces, quince paste, olive products, dukkah and condiments.

The Big Sissy Foods range is dedicated to our baked goods, those being sourdough Bagels and Bagel Crisps.  They are hand crafted from locally sourced ingredients in Vicki’s purpose-built industrial kitchen overlooking the Scott Creek Conservation Park.

Kiwi born, Vicki moved to her 31-acre property near Middleton in 2000 and with a background in Agriculture and as a chef, it made good sense to move to the land and follow her love of permaculture principles and living self-sufficiently, breeding Dorpa sheep and attending to her orchard and vegetable garden.

Prior to moving to the Fleurieu region Vicki owned and operated Hutt Street’s famous “Queen of Tarts” where she made her name in the food industry.  Vicki is a renowned foodie and has had a high-profile involvement in the development of food networks in South Australia.  She was the founding member of Flavour SA – Australia’s first food network (now known as FoodSA), has completed the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Scholarship in 2000 and is the 2016 recipient of the Food & Beverage Development Fund Scholarship.

Vicki’s ongoing inspiration within the food industry has allowed for her continual creative growth and subsequent development of her new Artisan range of baked goods, Big Sissy Foods Sourdough Bagels and Bagel Crisps, named in honour of her inspiring ‘Big’ Grandmother named ‘Sissy’ who was an Industrial Caterer, giving Vicki her love of cooking from an early age.

With her inventiveness, Vicki will continue creating a niche within a highly competitive industry and strengthen her presence as an Artist that continues to hand craft high quality exclusive products and support local industry, using South Australian producers and businesses wherever possible.

The new “Big Sissy Foods” baked range complements Vicki’s already established “Matchett’s” product range.  The complete award-winning Artisan range is available every week at local Farmers Markets or select fruiterers and independent grocers.  Please also visit our website for online sales nationwide.

Castle Range Road, Currency Creek, SA 5214
Willunga Farmers Market - Main Rd, Willunga, SA 5172
Goolwa Wharf Market - Goolwa Wharf, Goolwa, SA 5214