Establishing Industry Skills Councils and revitalising the Training and Skills Commission

Date : 2018-06-26 14:39:47


Industry input is sought to establish Industry Skills Councils and to revitalise the Training and Skills Commission.

Stronger Voice for Industry  

The State Government is working with stakeholders to ensure industry has a stronger voice by establishing Industry Skills Councils and revitalising the Training and Skills Commission (the Commission).

A revitalised Commission will provide advice on workforce development needs and develop a Training Priorities Plan aligned to industry demand, which will create certainty and stability in the training sector.

The revitalised Commission membership will comprise the Heads of Industry Skills Councils.

Industry Skills Councils will give industry the opportunity to influence Government decision-making processes to benefit industry in South Australia and ensure that investment in training is targeted effectively at delivering skills outcomes that lead to real jobs and careers. 

We will

Consult industry to support implementation of this commitment. The Minister for Industry and Skills is leading industry consultation on:

  • the role, industry coverage, functions and model for establishing the Industry Skills Councils; and
  • the purpose, role and membership of a revitalised Training and Skills Commission.

This engagement process includes:

  • Online submissions – open to all stakeholders until 8 July 2018 to inform industry roundtable discussions.
  • Eight industry sector roundtable discussions with key industry leaders (August 2018) 
  • Industry champions meeting with the Minister (late August 2018) 
  • Minister announcement of decision (October 2018)
  • Feedback provided to all participating stakeholders (late October 2018). 

For further information about this engagement opportunity, please read the fact sheet.

Get involved

To participate in the process:

  • Complete the online submission by 8 July 2018
  • Join the conversation on YourSAy
  • Provide your feedback by phoning the Skills and Employment Infoline on 1800 506 266 or emailing

Next steps

Following online submissions, the Minister will invite key industry leaders to roundtable discussions specific to their industry sectors to discuss models to establish Industry Skills Councils and to determine the role of the Training and Skills Commission. 

After the roundtable discussions, the Minister will invite a group of industry champions to a meeting to consider the model for implementation. 

Feedback will be provided to all stakeholders who participated in the consultation and the Minister will announce the decision. 

Other engagement opportunities (Training and Skills Commission)    

Complementing this engagement process are other opportunities for industry to provide input to the Commission's current work: 

  • Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series:
    • Future-proofing the Apprenticeship and Traineeship System Discussion Paper, June-Sept 2018
    • Industry Priority Qualifications (IPQ) Survey, June-July 2018 
  • Review of Supervision Guidelines for apprentices and trainees, June 2018

These initiatives are being undertaken by the Training and Skills Commission from mid-June 2018.  To participate in these engagement opportunities, please visit the Training and Skills Commission website.

More information

For more information contact the Skills and Employment Infoline on
1800 506 266 or email