Board and Staff

Ian Curry – Chairperson - Board Member from 1999
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Ian Curry is a National Projects Officer for the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU).  He has national responsibility for skills, training and apprenticeship policy related matters. 

He is Deputy Chair of Manufacturing Skills Australia, the National Industry Skills Council for Manufacturing and is Chair of MISAC the South Australian Manufacturing  Skills Council. He is a member of the board of the Adelaide Training and Employment Centre , Deputy member of the SA Training and Skills Commission and a member of the Commission's Training Regulation Reference Group.  Ian represents the ACTU on the COAG Overseas Skills Recognition Working Group, the 457 Temporary Worker Visa Skills Advisory Group and the National Quality Council's National Consistency Action Group.

Ian is a product of the SA TAFE system having completed a trade qualification as a boilermaker following an apprenticeship in the rail industry.

Lynn Green – Deputy Chairperson – Board Member from 2011
Geraldton Hill

Lynn is a small business owner who established her business in 2006 Geraldton Hill, Bute South Australia, manufacturing artisan toffee.

Her favourite product is the hand made Chocolate Almond Toffee Bark dipped in Belgian chocolate.

Lynn was also a 2007 Food and Beverage Development Fund recipient.

Robyn Buckler - Board Member from 2016

Robyn is currently the Governance, Compliance and Property Services Officer with United Voice. 

She has previously been the Assistant Branch Secretary with responsibility for trainees and apprentices.


Andrew Osborn - Board Member from 2002

Andrew completed his Apprenticeship as a Butcher in 1982 and since that time has been employed in various different roles including Domestic Trader, Domestic Trading Manager, Boning Room Manager, Production Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Export Trading Manager and Shipping Manager Wool and Meat and Senior Logistics Officer (grain).

Andrew has extensive knowledge of the Meat and Livestock industry.

Nick Thredgold - Board Member from 2002

Nick Thredgold was previously the President of SA Unions.

He was also a Board Member, and Deputy Chairperson, of the Food Tourism & Hospitality Skills Council.

Kate Henning - Board Member from 2015

Kate gave up her corporate life in 2013 and now works full time with her husband Simon as the owners and brewers of Smiling Samoyed Brewery at Myponga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

She is a 2014 Food & Beverage Development Fund  recipient as well as being the 2014 SA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.



Carol Graham – Executive Officer

Carol Graham has been with the organisation since 2001.  Originally employed as Office Manager, Carol has now progressed to Executive Officer and is responsible for the day-to-day management of Food & Beverage Development Fund SA Inc.

She has extensive administrative and financial experience and works closely with the Board of Management to pursue our goal of providing support to individuals in the food and beverage processing industries in South Australia.

Should you have any query in relation to our organisation please do not hesitate to contact Carol

Board members and EO at 2010 Award Presentation
Photo Nick Thredgold, Paul Marshall, Carol Graham, Lynn Green, Richard Sims & Ian Curry

Previous Board Members

Paul Marshall - Board Member 2002-2016


Richard Sims - Board Member 2004-2010 & 2012-2015 
Robern Menz

Photo Ian Curry, Chairperson & Richard Sims, Retiring Board Member


Sylvia Healy - Board Member 2001-2012

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