Bakers Trade Recognition

The Bakers Trade Recognition application process changed effective July 2021.  From that date the South Australian Skills Commission (the Commission) has been tasked with establishing a Trades Recognition Service.  If you would like to be updated about the new process please provide your contact details via email and we will do our best to advise as soon as the new process is available.


The following information refers to the application process prior to July 2021 and is provided for historical information purposes only.

There are only 2 ways to become Trade qualified in this State. One is through successful completion of an Apprenticeship and the other is through our Trade Recognition process.

To gain your trade qualification and receive a Certificate of Recognition as a Bread Baker, Pastry Cook or Bread Baker and Pastry Cook you will need to submit an application to the Bakers Trade Recognition Committee to enable them to assess your skills and experience. Once approved by the Committee your Certificate of Recognition is issued by the State Training Authority, the Training and Skills Commission (TSC). To apply you must meet one of the following categories:





Should you be interested in applying or have any queries in relation to Bakers Trade Recognition please contact us.


The Bakers Trade Recognition process is explained in the brochure available to download here.

Information includes:

Application forms are available by contacting Food & Beverage Development Fund office on (08) 83629066 or can be downloaded here:


1. Contact Food & Beverage Development Fund for Application Forms or download above. 2. Submit your detailed unbound application prior to 30th April or 30th October. Your application must include the following:

3. If required complete a practical assessment arranged by Food & Beverage Development Fund. 4. Attend an interview with the Bakers Trade Recognition Assessment Panel. 5. If application is successful we will apply to the Training and Skills Commission through Traineeship & Apprenticeship Services for your Certificate of Recognition. 6. If application is unsuccessful, we will recommend the appropriate action to gain further experience or training to enable you to resubmit at a later date. There will be no additional charge to reapply (within specified time limits).

Applications close: June 30 2021.

* If sufficient number of applications are received an additional assessment process may be undertaken *